Kathua Rape and Murder Verdict:‘Democracy still intact in India: Yasir Reshi


Srinagar, June 10: Senior politician and Member of Legislative Council Yasir Reshi Monday while welcoming the court judgment regarding Kathua rape and murder case said the verdict amply proves that democracy is still intact in India. He said though elements inimical to peace tried to pressurize and persuade Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take sides, but he didn’t act as bottleneck and gave a free hand to judiciary.

Reshi said that the judgment made it also clear that minorities are safe in India while judiciary believes in justice and liberty as enshrined in the constitution of India.

Yasir Reshi said that crime has no religion and today’s verdict proved that judicial system in India is free and fair that doesn’t work on the behest of those elements who are biased and threat to peace. He said that minorities in India felt that they are safe and justice can be delivered even if some try hard to block it.

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