Kashmir is full of talent in every field: Arjumman Mughal

Arjumman Mughal  is an Indian model and film actress from Jammu and Kashmir .After a successful modeling career, she made her acting debut with Hasnain Hyderabadwala’s Bollywood film Ya Rab

In an exclusive interview with the Kashmir Scenario, Arjumman Mughal talks to Malik Sameed

Kashmir Scenario: Tell us about your childhood days?

Arjumman Mughal:  Actually I am from the jammu and I spent my childhood days at my village Rajouri, I completed my 9th standard from Urdu medium. Well, I had very good friends in my school, but actually I had only a best friend and her name is kaali because she is black and everyone calls her kaali. Now she is married and having two kids.

Kashmir Scenario:  Why you choose acting as your profession?

Arjumman Mughal:  Actually, I don’t know how I got into it, but I always thought I am different from other people and I always wishing to do something big in my life. Actually fromChildhood, I was eager to do acting. Once in my childhood, I told my uncle I want to become a famous actress because I think I am so beautiful and talented and he replied are you mad girls never work, but I decided to set my mind in acting and from that date I am on the same track.

Kashmir Scenario: Tell us about your Struggle?

Arjumman Mughal: In 2003 I came in Mumbai, but I started acting in 2006 when I met Mr. Bappi Lahiri for an item song, but Mr Lahiri refused me for an item song, and said you are good in acting, then I met Mr. Anupam kher  for acting course in his academy. After that I got the opportunity in Telegu and Tamil movies

Kashmir Scenario: your father was an ex – army officer and at the same time you said I want to show, girls can do something bigger , then it was better to join army?

Arjumman Mughal: Actually, I would like to join the army but my family always thought army is not safe for girls because in jammu the living style of women is entirely different from other states. I have lots of talented friends who are dancers, singers, but unfortunately they don’t get  a platform to demonstrate their talent, so I would like to do such things for my state.

Kashmir Scenario: Do you ever feel insecure in the field of acting as you are from Jammu and Kashmir?

Arjumman Mughal: No, I had never thought because I have confidence in myself and I think I can handle every difficulty. Actually, I am not scared because the entire of my family members are in the army, so I have not at all faced such insecurity in my life.

Kashmir Scenario: Do you ever feel insecure about your father?

Arjumman Mughal: My father was also in the Kargil war and I was immature that time, but I saw insecurity of my relatives when their head of the family was doing job in Jammu and Kashmir and I felt sad for them because they were unaccompanied. Well, as I always feel if there should be a  system in the army so that after every two months at least  10 days holiday should be approved.


Kashmir Scenario: What is your opinion about the Kashmir situation?

Arjumman mughal:  I think from last 50years Kashmir is as it was before, so as per my concern I would like to change Kashmir. Due to flood the disturbances rises all over, i tried my best to support by financially through my friends and whenever my support needs Kashmir I will be always on the front because my soul is still with jammu and Kashmir and whatever I will do for Kashmir is not much as I got love from them.

Kashmir Scenario: What would you expect from Jammu and Kashmir?

Arjumman mughal: Rise only one voice, don’t fight in the name of religion because I think brotherhood is most vital  in every aspect. I personally saw in Rajouri  the Hindu and Muslim conflict, after then curfew were imposed. It’s only due to lack of education in our state because I personally feel they have less understanding and became the reason to fight in the name of religion.

Kashmir Scenario: What you expect from the state government for education scenario?

Arjumman mughal: Support people who are not in a position to study and set up a new school in villages because when people of Jammu and Kashmir involve  them with knowledge that may help to lessen the problem and I think the entire problem is due to lack of knowledge.

Kashmir Scenario: Do you feel Bollywood is missing the real feel of Kashmir?

Arjumman Mughal:  yes of course, before years Bollywood was showing the beauty of Kashmir, but nowadays they are really missing the real feel but Vishal Bhardwaj tried to show the real Kashmir, he did a good trail and gave a complete look of Kashmir and I was really impressed by the header movie because they tried to show the real situation of Kashmir before.Well Kashmir is the valley of love which can be represented more impressively.

Kashmir Scenario: Did you think Haider Story defines the real Kashmir?

Arjumman mughal: Yes, I heard from my relatives and friends about Kashmir situation and if I will get a chance the only thing which I will show is  the beauty and love of Kashmir, will give such kind of messages which can be useful to Kashmir.

Kashmir Scenario: Do you want cinema in Kashmir?

Arjumman Mughal: Yes of course, I think Kashmir has same thinking and now they have to change.  Cinema is an important thing in todays generation. People of Jammu and Kashmir still think watching t.v is wrong, well it doesn’t mean you will only watch bad things on  T.v and from my concern you will learn lot of things from cinema.

Kashmir Scenario: How was your experience in “YA RAB”?

Arjumman Mughal: “YA RAB” was fanatic experience and I feel the role I got in this movie was like my own story of life;  what kind of girl I am and it was easy and comfortable  for me to act for this role. I was really happy to do that role because I always find such role that opens my career, so it was amazing experience for me.

Kashmir Scenario: Your future films?

Arjumman mughal:  my next film is “tera kya hogah labodar ” it is based on three characters and I am playing as a superstar with Pawan playing  director  and Sanjvee Tiwari. I am happy with the movie.

Kashmir Scenario: your message to Jammu and Kashmir girls?

Arjumman Mughal: Know yourself first because you should know that what you can do. If you really think you can do it, then don’t see back go for it because a girl knows what should she do. If you try at wrong place you will be hurt. Show your talent if you are talented don’t hide.

Kashmir Scenario: Your Role model?

Arjumman Mughal: I don’t have any role model, but I like actress like maduri dixit and Kajol.

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