Internet Barred In SDA From Last Seven Days, Allege Locals

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, April 30(KNB): Scores of people from different areas of Srinagar accused Srinagar Development Authority for unavailability of Internet service from last seven days causing immense inconveniences to deponents.

People alleged that internet facility is not available at Srinagar Development Authority from last seven days due to non-payment of bills causing unease and said that the matter was brought into the notice of authorities but they did not pay any heed to it.

One of the visitor said, “I have been visiting SDA from last one week to obtain NOC of my building but they failed to provide certificate and are just delaying dates due to unavailability of internet, the reason best known to them.”

He further said, “We have complained to authorities there but they did not pay any heed showing clear carelessness of SDA department while their negligence creating immense difficulties to us.”

Meanwhile, one of the member of SDA department confirmed the issue and said, “The internet was barred here at SDA from last seven days, while the reason is best known to Programer.”

When Kashmir News Bureau contacted Programmer Srinagar Development Authority Rukhsana said, “The internet was blocked from few hours due to line failure, while the problem has been sorted out and everything is working properly.”

When asked about the confirmation of issue from their office she denied and said “There was not such problem, it was just a line failure due to which internet service was not available for few hours, and after a proper repairment everything has been sorted out.”

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau on phone Vice Chairman, Sajjad Hussain said, “The issue has not came to my notice, I will look into the matter.”(KNB)

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