Humanity is big thing :Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh, Eminent actor and writer of Bollywood, who has enjoyed a great successful career.

Singh is Known for Delhi Belly (2011), Tere Bin Laden (2010) Darna Mana Hai (2003), Khiladi 786 (2012), Ghazi (2016).

In an exclusive interview Rahul Singh talks to Senior Editor Kashmir Scenario Malik Sameed.

Malik Sameed: What is your take on present unfortunate situation in Kashmir ?

Rahul Singh: See, I am not much well versed about the ground realities and lag the academic knowledge to comment but whatever is happening is really bad and not good for the country and Kashmir has been a burning problem for country since decades.
But than Kashmir had its own history?

You cannot be taken hostage by history.Those Kashmiris who advocate secession just narrate history of few centuries but if one narrates real history than all parts until Iran and Afghanistan have been part of united Greater India.

Malik Sameed: Why had Bollywood not condemned the innocent killings and blinding in Kashmir ?

Rahul Singh: More important than Bollywood are the people and polity of the country and they are taking action.Our brave security forces are facing provocation, death and they cannot remain silent when attacked.I believe humanity is big thing and feel bad for every killing in Kashmir be it civilian or soldier .

Malik Sameed: Kashmiri students and traders are being harassed outside .Your take ?

Rahul Singh in this Pic

Rahul Singh: The terrorist forces have maligned the image of Kashmiris and they need to present a bold front to portray a bright picture Kashmir and defeat these violent and negative forces .Once Kashmiris form a wider positive platform for peace and nationalism they will not face anger or problem.

Malik Sameed: Why is Bollywood not projecting cultural aspects of Kashmir ?

Rahul Singh: It is a valid question.We need to increase our range on projecting life and culture in Kashmir.I came recently back from Kashmir after shooting a satire comedy movie and we will in future definitely showcase Kashmir in much positive way.

Malik Sameed: Your take on Kashmiri artists in film and drama industry ?

Rahul Singh: Kashmiris have to themselves take a call while joining the industry and look at all press and cons.We welcome them with open arms and have been providing them the desired platform.

Malik Sameed: How do you feel as an artist Kashmir problem can be solved ?

Rahul Singh: We need pandits to be returned back to valley and laws, norms that act as obstacle in Kashmir integration towards India to be abolished and than Kashmir problem will get solved.

Malik Sameed: Your take on Om Puri statement that we have not forced soldier to fight?

Rahul Singh: Yes his statement is Right. It is the spirit and fervor of soldier that keeps him spirited to fight for his country.

Malik Sameed: Your take on  Pakistan artists ban in India?

Rahul Singh: The artist ban is small issue. Country is first and we need to remember our artists, films are banned in Pakistan. It is an issue which has no significance in front of nation.

Malik Sameed: Your message ?

Rahul Singh: Kashmiris should defeat the negative forces and be patriotic towards their country and recognize Kashmir and India are one and if this happens we will see a brighter tomorrow.

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