Human Watch applauds Chief Justice of J & K High Court

Human Watch (International) has hailed the decision of Chief Justice of High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri M.M. Kumar wherein the three sitting judges of subordinate judiciary and functioning Session Judges have been declared ‘deadwood’ and fired from services. This happens first time in the judicial history of Jammu and Kashmir where Constitution rules the services of the judicial officers also. It is pertinent to mention here that J&K High Court functions under the mandate of the Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir 1939, as Jammu and Kashmir is the only state which has its own Constitution recognized by the Govt. of India and which runs parallel to the Constitution of India. The historic decision of dismissal of three sitting Senior Session Judges will strengthen the judicial system, judicial activism and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir (which dates back to the constitution of India and Pakistan.

Chairman, Human Watch urged the Chief Justice of the High Court of J&K to clean judiciary from corrupt and incompetent officers and judges. The aforesaid decision is in the public interest, timely and in line with the administration of justice, said Chairman, Human Watch. Human Watch, Chairman, congratulates the Chief Justice of J&K who is a well-known jurist and known for his integrity, honesty, human nature, justice and capability for his afore said historic decision which was in the interest of upholding the golden principles of natural justice and rule of law.

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