Hindustan construction Company Blasts Rules & Regulations

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Sane quarters and local populace of Bandipora are up in arms against Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) executing the 330 MW Kishenganga hydroelectric project in the area as they accuse the company of causing severe damage to natural environment and causing perilous pollution in the area. The accusation of local populace are supported by ground facts. The facts accessed by The Kashmir Scenario point out towards the great damages caused by HCC to the fish habitat and natural environment of Bandipora.
As a result of clear flouting of prescribed rules, HCC Stone-crushing units are destroying Fish habitat in Bandipora. HCC Units are simply operating illegally, authorities securing units, looking other way.
Even after trout fish death HCC authorities drain turbid water in the fresh water stream. The number of crushing units operating in the kralpora and river Gurez bear a glaring example of this bleak veracity.
It is worth mentioning here that as a result of illegal approach of HCC thousands of fish have died in number of fresh streams in Bandipora , as nature lovers and environmental experts have constantly been emphatically stating that the crushers units present near the fresh water streams are shoddily disturbing trout production in the Bandipora district.
The height of callous attitude is revealed by the fact that a number of crusher units set up by Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) in Bandipora are directly operating on the banks of the fresh water streams.
As result of these crushers and no mechanism to check the dirt generated, the residue and other waste generated by these crushers gets deposited in the streams thus lending a fatal blow to the aqua habitat and polluting the precious water bodies of Bandipora.
Sometime back, the physical and chemical analysis report of prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar brought to light sensational realities on the havoc caused by HCC on natural environ and habitats of Bandipora. According to this report, the pollution had created chemical disturbance in the water flowing near the project site where HCC is operating.

The report further reveals that the total dissolved solids in water are 1340 mg/l which should have been otherwise only 500mg/l.

The report reveals that the hardness of water has increased to 780 mg/litre which normally should be 300-500 mg/l. Similarly, the alkalinity of the water has increased to 1210 mg/l.

On the other hand, the pH value of water has also increased by 13 percent and the range of Chlorides has decreased from normal 250-1000mg/l to 48 mg/litre.

”The polluted water can neither be used for human consumption nor for washing purposes,” the report stated.
On the other hand of the spectrum, even the basic safety rules and mechanisms are blatantly violated by Hindustan Construction Company (HCC).The quality of footwear provided to workers and other staff by HCC is of highly below par quality and does not even last for a month. Pertinently, such footwear is supposed to at least last for more than six months.
The height of brazen violation of given prescribed safety norms and mechanism by HCC has actually reached HIMALAYAN HEIGHTS. According to reliable sources, out of 14 basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPPe’s) that every construction company is supposed to have but HCC even does not possess these basic protective equipment in its store.
On the other hand quiet astonishingly the HCC does not even provide its workers with much needed Gas Mask which is direly needed for the type of work done by HCC, while as they have to just be sufficed with ordinary Dust Masks and that too are provided after much delay.
Shockingly enough, during the blasting process carried out by the HCC, the workers are pushed into the tunnel when the process is yet to be finished and potential dangers yet to be weaned off. From worker to vendor everyone associated with technical process is frustrated with the shoddy safety mechanism outlook adopted by the Hindustan Construction Company (HCC).
The ground situation clearly highlights the illegal and immoral approach adopted by the Hindustan Construction Company which boasts in self-pride of being one of the leading construction companies of India but when it comes to Kashmir the company is turning a blind eye towards prescribed norms and rules. The destruction of natural environment of Bandipora by HCC and violation of laid out safety norms and rules aptly prove this veracity.

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