Here’s What People Would Do, If India And Pakistan Were Undivided


Apart from Uncle Sam’s sleepless nights, this undivided country (India and Pakistan) would have got much to avail from. This imagination of homogenisation allows the projection of splendid fantasies.

Starting from our conflict-crippled Kashmiri boys, they see this imaginary land beautified with the heavenly chicks of Pakistan.

Here is what people have to say:

How I imagine the elegant most ladies flowing with no borders adding to the pleasantness of my paradise: Anaan

People imagine more dynamism of the amalgamated film industry. There would be a vast diversity of entertainment. Lollywood themes and the Bollywood masala would rock together.

We would see better actors, singers, musicians and artists in this industry:Shweta

Lots of people pursuing journalism will abandon the idea of being a scribe, as they rely on conflict for stuff: A journalism student, Sana shares.

Girls in this fanciful country would be benefitted the most. This imaginary union would give them more enrichment of their outfits.

Pakistani designer dresses would have surely dominated the land subduing the western outfits to a greater extent: Yasmeen

Similarly there could have been many other innovative foods, something like ‘Dhaluda’, blast of Indian Dhokla and Pakistani Faluda and maybe something like ‘Hakura’, Kashmir’s Harisa and Pakistan’s  Tukra.

In addition to the lighter tone many believe that lots of things would fall in their own place, which is not acceptable to all. Life of the people living in the border areas would have been much easy in absence of the turmoil.

The thought of no Indian administered Kashmir and no Pakistan administered Kashmir seems to soothe the senses, weary of chaos between India and Pakistan over Kashmir: Sameer


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