From 2016, Dozens Of Kashmiri Student Were Beaten Up In India

Mehvish Dilshad

Srinagar, November 10 (KNB): The Kashmir Conflict is not restricted to the valley. The effects can be evidently seen in outside states where the students from the Kashmir have been the victims of the outrage since a long time now.

Kashmiri students who are studying outside the valley have always been in trauma, feeling unsafe and being targeted in their universities and colleges. Many complaints were been registered against the harassment of the Kashmiri students time and then, but it has increased since the 2016 Unrest which started with the Killing of Burhan Wani.

The first incident after Burhan’s Killing was reported in Bhopal’s Barakatullah University campus where a Ph.D scholar, Umar Rashid alleged that he was attacked in front of security guards and other students ,yet the authorities didn’t take any action against attackers.

Another major incident that came to limelight in September 2016, when a group of Kashmiri students was beaten up by their counterparts in Ganga Institute of Management and Technology in Haryana.

The incidents of attacks on kashmiris kept increasing and continuing in 2017 and now in 2018 where the recent case of Ahtisham Bilal, a student of Shardha university who was beaten ruthlessly by the locals this October. Ahtisham went missing on October 28 and then his audio appeared in which he could be heard saying that he joined Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir (ISJK), a part of global terror outfit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS), headed by Zakir Musa.

The outcome of these attacks is as such that Kashmiris even hesitate to reveal that they belong to Kashmir. Parents have become reluctant to send their children for studying outside the valley.

“My brother studies in Delhi university and if anyday he doesn’t call us we panic a lot. As knowing the situation around, we don’t feel safe outside Kashmir, “said Afreen Javed, a student of Kashmir University.

The students seem to pay the collateral damage done by conflict of Kashmir and the psychic war being played. In between all of this, the students are definitely at losing end. Either by losing their life or by compromise their careers and ambitions which in no way is a solution . There is an utter need of an ultimate solution. This has to end. (KNB)

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