Father behind bars, Kashmiri teenager raise her siblings.

Grief Stricken daughter waiting for the return of Spring


Hajin (Bandipora) 15 March 2017: We all are aware that 8th March is deserved as a global day which commemorates the movement for women’s rights. This day is celebrated in many countries of the world including India which calls itself a champion of democracy. The celebration of this day should arises a question in the minds of the celeberators i.e how can we expect a women’s can celebrate when she has an ocean of tears falling from her eyes.

The story of a teenager from Hajin area of north Kashmir’ s Bandipora district will leave you breathless . She narrates the horrific incidents, moments of pain and act of crulity and barbarism, for her the world has turned into a place where the word humanity seems to her quite ridiculous and disgusting.

Although India beat the drums of assisting Kashmiri girls in bringing peace from oppression and literating the innocent civilians, But in true sense India is assisting the oppression. Maria a teenager(17) from Hajin area of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district leaves no leaf unturned to raise her siblings (Sumaya 15, Sabreena 13, Insha 12, Ulfat 10, Osama 5). The mother of a teenager died in 2012. Three years after the death of her mother, Maria’s father Mohammad Assadullah Parray, allegedly a Muslim League activist, was arrested and imprisoned. Parray spent 10 years in jail prior to 2008, when he joined Muslim league. Since the imprisonment of her father, Maria has been the lone bread-earner for her family.

She has taken the responsibilty to raise her siblings including Ulfat who is mentally unsound. Like every young child, Maria too had a dream to continue her studies but due to the increasing of her family the young girl had to mix it up with business. Maria, who started tailoring to earn to meet the daily expenses and give education to her siblings said that her aim is to be a “Lawyer”, to help innocent kashmiris who are suffering like her father.

Grief stricken daughter waiting for the return of spring. She stands there outside the palaces of Beaurecrats waiting for her father who has been lodged in Kot Bilwal jail. He is sole sun sinking down without a ray of hope that the same would rise again. Maria was offered help by NGO’s many a times but she denied any kind of help from anyone. She has in reality become a burden for the govt so they wish her die of starvation and the ills and pain of her father’s separation. She is a burden for in future if she gets married and bears children, they can raise their voice and arms against the barbarous activities, tyranny and inhuman behaviour that Indian Govt betrays in the streets of kashmir valley.

“I want my innocent father to be released as soon as possible because we need him”, Maria emotionally said.

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