Fast track justice would be ensured in Kathua rape and murder: Safina Beigh

Srinagar, April 20 (KNB): Lawyer, politician Safina Baigh who recently was appointed as president of the women’s wing of ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has said under leadership of Chief Minister Mehbooba  Mufti we would ensure fast track justice in this case and punish the criminals behind the Kathua minor girl’s rape and murder case. In a an exclusive interview with Kashmir News Bureau (KNB) senior Editor Rameez Makhdoomi, Safina Beigh talks about several issues, here are the experts of the interview:

RM: How do you view the responsibility of heading JKPDP Women’s wing?

SB: At the onset I would like to state that women are fifty percent of human resource of every society and without their participation in every field a society is incomplete. Our religion Islam gave great status to women and recognized their role. In politics women have key role to play especially women are best managers and inner qualities of love, compassion makes women more suited to politics. The challenges entrusted to me is  serious but I would like to say women in Kashmir should in more vibrant manner take part in politics as they are ultimate sufferers of conflict.

RM: Do you believe more people should join politics in our part of the world?

SB: Politics should be taken as worship. Politics should be done with honesty and sincerity. I would like to request people both in mainstream and separatist polity not to mix politics with the burning issue of Kashmir. People have day to day issues to address and there are enormous social, economic, environmental issues confronting people that are to be addressed and cannot be equated with final settlement of political issue of Kashmir.

RM:: Do you believe that Justice will be delivered in Kathua heinous rape and murder of  Child that has shaken soul of humanity?

SB:: I am having full belief on institutions and my Chief Minister. The entire Indian opinion and global opinion has been galvanized over this burning issue and only few fringe elements who are minority have acted abnormally.

I am of firm belief that under leadership of Chief Minister Mehbooba  Mufti we would ensure fast track justice in this case and punish the criminals behind this heinous crimes.

RM: Has this issue potential of dividing Jammu and Kashmir?

SB: Our state cannot afford polarization and I would like to applaud the Jammu people for standing with victim despite tremendous provocations by few fanatic elements.

RM: Politicians like you and others are alleged of not doing enough to heal the pain of women .Your take?

SB: We need to remind that women here are more hesitant to join the mainstream politics and I would like to take the healing touch policy of our party to grassroots and ensure participation of women in decision making. I would like to involve women who have faced brunt of violence and victims of border shelling in the process of my journey to understand accurate pulse of grassroots.

RM: Men in uniform when alleged of crimes against women are beyond ambit of justice process, your take ?

SB: I do not agree with the perception and It depends upon case to case and how you pursue it .

Your take on role of social media in politics ?

Today social media has dominant role in politics and every other field due to its tremendous reach but unfortunately here in Kashmir some are using it as weapon of character assassination .There should be healthy criticism but not use of abusive or foul language .

 RM: Will you be open to take feedback from opposite ideologies ?

SB: I do not have any hesitation from seeking advice from diverse ideologies to take corrective steps .

RM: The activists state that we have virtually zero laws against child sexual abuse, any steps in that directions ?

SB: To punish the rapists and those who abuse children we need to review all the existing laws and make them more effective stringent and also make them meet the current needs of current times.

 There is definite need to give exemplary punishment to rapists and due to acts of few bad humans we cannot blame entire country or any party. Political parties need to put an united face over this burning issue as this is bringing great disrepute.

RM: What would you like to say to other women?

SB: Women should not be over-defensive and as we are equal builders of society I believe women should be assertive

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