Facebook disabled official account of News Editor KNB

Srinagar, May 31(KNB): In the past few days Facebook has disabled personal accounts, social accounts, bussiness accounts of more than a dozen leading journalists, social activists and many more across Kashmir valley without any warning or notice and without offering any credible reasons.

In its fresh drive of censorship, Facebook has perminently blocked the account of Managing Editor KNB Malik Sameed’s official account and around a dozen accounts of journalists belonging to online news portals who manage the pages of several organizations thereby affecting their pages reach.

Malik Sameed editor Kashmir News Bureau said , “Its very unfortunate that without giving any notification facebook has blocked my account perminently its a very huge loss for me as I own an online news portal and many more pages all my data articles, photos from Eleven years have been deleted, I’m sure that none of my posts have violated Facebook’s community standards of hate speech or incitement to violence but I only portray the ground reality through my news portals.”

He further added, “My account still remains disabled even after sending a new ID and writing several times to Facebook, my account has been deleted without any reason which has affected badly my page viewership.”

Another social activist said,” I am always very careful about what I update, however, this permanent blockage from Facebook is surprising and amounts to rights violation, It is better that they articulate their policies and guidelines transparently so that youth will not find their profiles being disabled regularly without having any clue or idea about it.”(KNB)

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