Exams not possible under Suffocating atmosphere : GN Var

Malik Sajid

President Private School Association GN Var ,while talking to the Kashmir Scenario, has stated that exams under an atmosphere of oppression, torture are not possible and just a mere eye wash.

“This is an issue of 1.6 million students and deserves utmost seriousness rather than resorting to propaganda,” GN Var stated.

“The huge number of students are lodged in jails, number of students have been blinded by pellets and wounded by bullets.We have also seen young students getting killed during this agitation and uprising.We are not against exams but conducting exams under these unfortunate circumstances can prove counter productive.”

GN var made it clear that real stakeholders in this issue are parents, teachers and school as innocent students are to follow the decision.He reaffirmed that for exams to be conducted students should be releseas, PSA revoked on students and best treatment provided to wounded youth.

On the claim of government that an academic year of children would be wasted if exams are not conducted in November Session , GN Var stated – “This is hoax as just few years back due to floods the examinations were conducted in March and nothing untoward happened .”

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