Eid Milad Nabi In Kashmir

Mehtab Ali

Srinagar, November 21(KNB): Eid-e-Milad also known as Nabi’s Days is a day devoted to Prophet Mohammad s.a.w and his teachings. Milad e Rasool s.a.w is also recognized as Mawlid, Milad-Un Nabi and Barawafat across the world .It is an important Muslim day celebrated on the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.

In Kashmir Milad un Nabi s.a.w is celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal. Special Prayers are offered at shrines in the valley at night. People across the valley gather at the famous shrine Hazratbal to pray and have a glimpse of the holy relic of prophet Mohammad s.a.w . The love and respect for the prophet s.a.w is clearly seen on this day.

As this day is regarded as the greatest blessing for the whole humanity and Peace process. Prophet Muhammad s.a w endeavored to deliver a message of peace all his life . The Holy Quran states that he was “sent as a mercy to the worlds”. (Ch. 21, Verse 107) the simplicity and actions of prophet s.a.w even illustrated as such. Even if any person would act rudely or misbehaved with his holiness, he would react with love, patience and utter kindness. And hos message to the world was the same.

The message of Prophet s.a.w is an important way towards peace and is an extreme need of the hour. Our Valley is going through a dark phase in which the role of prophet s.a.w and his teachings can add to the harmony and peace in the valley. Milad is the best opportunity for the people of Kashmir to pray for the normalcy here. Like Nabi s.a.w strongly encouraged his followers to live in peace with every person and situation.

However, According to ongoing situations in the valley, we must take lessons from one of messages of prophet s.a w , “A true believer is one with whom others feel secure,” He was the one who returned love for hatred and used to teach the believers that anyone who would return love only, when love was given belonged on a lower ethical plane . Likewise we as a society must try to learn and obey the teachings of Muhammad s.a.w and use it as a peace message for the better of our society and ongoing situations here. There has to be a way of Rasool s.a.w to resolve some unsolved issues here.

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