Dr Nawab Nasir Aman Redefines Handwara Polity

Malik Sajid & Rameez Makhdoomi

In a big political development recently, Dr Nawab Nasir Aman from Handwara along with his workers  joined Awami Ittihaad Party led by the charismatic persona of Engineer Rashid. His joining the AIP is expected to further add to the strength and charm of AIP.

Dr Nawab’s political style matches the simplicity, exuberance for which AIP has been widely lauded. A devout Muslim, prolific human being, noted philanthropist, successful and honest entrepreneur Dr Nawab Nasir Aman is a complete package for AIP . With Dr Nawab’s entry into polity contest from prestigious Handwara constituency of Kupwara district would be a battle worth watching.

Pertinently, local voices and political pundits are terming Dr Nawab as hot favourite to win the 2014 battle as he according to these voices offers refreshing changing and much needed dynamism . Under development in form of lack of basic amenities, pain of conflict in form of enormous tragedies, frustrated youth on account of grave unemployment, grief struck womanhood on account of conflict has defined the life in Handwara over the past few decades. One elected representative from another has come and gone but the plight of Handwara has remain unaddressed. As a constituency Handwara stands till date badly neglected by its elected representatives in each and every manner. But now masses of the area are buoyant that with entry of Dr Nawab into the political fray of Handwara the aura of negativity would get converted into an era of positivity for this historical area of Kashmir.

Dr Nawab’s down to earth approach and his unprecedented approach of simplicity is making the localites pin a lot of hopes on his persona. “Dr Nawab Nasir Aman is a persona of dedication and honesty. His personality does away from the traditional image of a politician being a epitome of vote hunger and lust of power as he is a politician who is honest and firmly grounded to his roots. We are hoping that his entry in the political battle of 2014 would certainly translate into electoral victory,” stated a voter from his constituency while talking to The Kashmir Scenario.

Pertinently, Dr Nasir Nawab is also among the selected brand of politicians, who very much value the essence of morality and truth in his words and actions. Through his dynamism he has ably guided his own business “Nawab Constructions” to sky heights and made it a brand name in the world of construction businesses.

Having flair for activism, reading, writing, irresistible urge for changing the scenario of Handwara towards betterment , Dr Nasir Nawab so grew conscious of the need for entering into politics.

Sitting with people on muddied grounds, attending funerals, listening to problems of his people have been trademarks of life of Dr Nawab Nasir Aman and it is this out of box approach that makes him unarguably the strongest contender from Handwara.

As the 2013 electoral battle nears, the days ahead are certainly going to test Dr Nasir Nawab’s caliber, but his dynamic personality seems to be all set to find a solution to these challenges.
(An exclusive report from ground zero)

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