Corrupt practices, weirdness marring Doordarshan Kashmir

Good Morning J & K Downslide
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In our first series on the rot that has stemmed deep into the roots of Doordarshan Kashmir, we focused on the rampant corrupt practices that have encircled the Kashmir’s Premier TV Station –Doordarshan Kashmir.
The program Good Morning J & K which helped in maintaining the reputation of station even during the mushrooming growth of private channels is also now in news for all the bad reasons. From corrupt practices to declining viewership, the program is confronting multitude problems.
Not only is corruption demanded from anchors but no one is ready to accept the responsibility of the mess or at least show willingness to fix the rot. On one breath the Director Doordarshan Kashmir, Qayoom Wadera maintains that the Producers working with station are trained from prestigious institutes like Film Institute of India; while on same side weirdly states that there is need to keep retired officials still under fold.
The Director though unambiguously goes on pointing out that Doordarshan is not a private station but on same parlance on questioned about declining efficiency and corruption passes the buck on Producers as if he has no authority to wield.
While the likes of retired Producers like Manzoor Khan who is still actively associated with Doordarshan on being contacted by us narrates a “Cow and Bull story”. “I have retired and have nothing to do with the overall affairs of Doordarshan, but yes I am just assisting in the Good Morning J & K and aiding the production team.”
On the other side this rot is having its own adverse implications with the biggest victim being the once famous show of Doordarshan Kashmir, Good Morning J & K. One cannot brush aside the fact that from several years this program sufficed the needs of viewers but unfortunately from few weeks the said show is witnessing dramatic downslide. According to viewer feedback, the new faces inducted looks without idea lags behind in proper presentation skills and seem to be clueless in providing unique dimensions to the show. The program format demands 80 percent usage of Kashmiri language which is lacking in the arena of communicating program.

The buck of responsibility never seems to halt in Doordarshan Kashmir with no one ready to own the accountability of mess. Director always responding as, “It is Producer’s prerogative go and confirm from them”. And Producers on their part stating “We are simply managing the program and cannot state much”.

In our part of the world, the realities in premier institutions like doordarshan are mostly pessimistic -the public spirited and dedicated personas are more often than not mistreated and are dubbed as stumbling blocks and literally abused both overtly and covertly as they do not allow devilish designs to flourish. While as the corrupt officials and exploiters are held in high esteem. Even in these premier institutions seeking information especially in a volatile state like J&K under RTI is not only a one big headache but a cumbersome process.
Quiet clearly, it is a shameful reality that few blue-eyed producers are trusted with majority of work in Doordarshan and corruption being asked from seasoned anchors. All this mess calls on the main governing body –Prasar Bharti to tighten the grip before matters go from bad to worse.

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