Corona virus’s second phase will be more deadly: WHO


Washington: The coronavirus spreading from the city of Wuhan in China has shaken the whole world. Many countries of the world are struggling badly with this virus. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has made a statement that may increase the concerns of many countries. In fact, the WHO has issued a warning for countries where the global epidemic coronavirus cases are decreasing.

WHO said that while cases are decreasing now, there may be a sudden increase in them. Therefore, different countries should not just wait but be ready to tackle the epidemic.
WHO’s emergency chief, Dr. Mike Ryan, has said that the world is in the grip of the first wave of Coronavirus infection. He said that the epidemic comes in the form of waves, that is, in countries where there have been fewer cases of infection, the second wave of this epidemic may come this year.

He said that the second wave of corona infection could be much faster than now. Dr. Ryan said that the epidemic may recur. Work cannot be done only by assuming that the cases of infection are decreasing and the crisis is reducing. There is also a possibility of its second round coming. He cautioned the European countries and the US that, with constant scrutiny, there is a need to keep a defense strategy in place to prevent itself from reaching the second round.

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