Artist Is Never Complete: Brijendra Kala

Brijendra Kala, eminent Indian film actor is a personality of multiple colours.

In an exclusive interview with senior editor The Kashmir Scenario Malik Sameed he talks about diverse aspects.


 Brijendra Kala ji you did a movie identity card in Kashmir how was the experience?

The experience of shooting in Kashmir was superb especially was touched by serene looks of Dal Lake. It was my first visit to Kashmir and many in crew had seen too it for first time. We were there during summer times and it was exciting and beautiful experience for all of us.

How were the people?

The people in Kashmir are very simple .Despite facing difficult circumstances Kashmiri people are superb and they recognized us they had seen our work.

Do you think Cinema should be opened in Kashmir?

Kashmiris should enjoy all the comforts of life that other Indians enjoy and in this regard opening of cinema is needed.

Why has Bollywood portrayed just violence about Kashmir in its scripts ?

I guess that due to painful circumstances prevailing in Kashmir the films are bound to show violence and terror as film reflects society situation but I agree the other beautiful aspects of life about kashmir should be portrayed in Bollywood movies .

What role would you like to perform that you have not played ?

The interests of person never die and in our field art one is not complete and you always want to play new diverse roles .Artist is never complete.

What prompted you to go to acting world ?

As I was born in Uttrakhand but spend most of my time in Uttar Pradesh doing different theater and art plays for local radios and groups. It was always my dream to come to Mumbai and via hardwork, toil I achieved my goal but maintained a slow, constant speed.

Which struggle moment you would like to share with us ?

When my daughter was born I was worried whether I would be able to continue in film and television world but most of the times I took assistance of credit card to keep myself going but with all will power I continued myself and achieved somewhat success while catering to my family as well as the ambition.

You have worked with superstars , which superstar experience you liked?

I have enjoyed with all superstars and you learn for example from Amir khan I learned how much hardwork one has to put in. I also love working most with Irfan Khan as it becomes actual gravity in me.

Who is your role model?

Gandhi is my role model as his great life inspires me a lot.

What is your message ?

My message is that people should always show faith and strength to face the difficult situations and promote peace.

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