Polythene Monster is back haunting Kashmir

Srinagar, Dec 01 (KNB): Polythene monster is back on streets of Kashmir. Use of polythene bags is once again uncontrolled across the valley of Kashmir posing a very grave threat to the environment.

Pertinently, in Kashmir Valley despite blanket ban by the authorities shopkeepers and the vendors are openly seen providing polythene to their customers for carrying various goods and different eatables.

Some years back the Jammu and Kashmir government had banned the transportation, dumping, sale and use of non-biodegradable materials in the state. It included 16 items of non-biodegradable material including polythene, poly bags, nylon, thermocol.

To this end, the government had issued a notification l under Jammu and Kashmir Non-Biodegradable Materials Act of 2007.To follow up the issuance of notification, a vigorous campaign to completely weed out the menace of polythene was also witnessed in the entire Valley carried out by different departments, but even this much hyped campaign has fizzled out in the recent times.

Activists and sane voices are worried on the resurfacing of polythene in the Kashmir valley.

A much important public campaign Save Environment Save Kashmir that has emerged in recent times in Kashmir has stated – “We request J&K High Court to direct State Govt to enforce Ban on the sale and use of polythene in Kashmir because Govt did not wakeup.”

Manzoor Ahmad Ganie, a student while talking to Kashmir News Bureau stated – “Polythene is a deadly thing for our entire environment.  It is also a matter of great concern that on account of resurfacing of polythene in Jammu and Kashmir, famous water bodies and other scenic places are being polluted and it is also tormenting our agricultural land. Immediate steps should be taken to make Kashmir polythene free.” (KNB)

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