Muzaffar hussain beigh slams party ministers left right and centre

Member of Parliament from Baramulla Constituency and one of the founding members of PDP, Muzaffar Hussain Beigh, has criticized the working of party and vociferously spoken against the groupism, during a meeting which was held after Chief Minister Mehbboba Mufti was elected party president for the sixth time in row.

Beigh, according to sources, came down heavily on party leaders who are ministers in the goverment, for leading different power centers’ inside the ruling party and failing to deliver on the governance front.

He has, according to leaders present inside the meeting, came down heavily on some senior Ministers for encouraging groupism and creating parallel power centres inside the party.

What kind of governance models are you propagating when people are suffering and have lost faith in the institution of government, Beigh had told a meeting of party leaders.

Beigh, who has been sidelined in the new dispensation after he was made MP, has said that in all the clashes between different groups in the party, it was the party which was getting weaker after every passing day.

The member of parliament from Baramulla constituency is the founding member of the PDP, along with Tariq Hameed Karra, who later joined congress, and has been one of its strong pillars since its inception.

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