Kashmir’s Jahangir Arshad Develops Smart Diaper

Sadaf khursheed

Srinagar 04 Dec (KNB): Jahangir Arshad 23, first Kashmiri to develop a prototype of smart diaper which will be of great help to babies, ailing adults and patients as this diaper will raise an alarm when the weaver will need to pee.

According to Jahangir this wireless diaper which looks like any ordinary diaper is fitted with a tiny, thin electronic device which will detect when the bladder is full and the person wearing it needs to urinate. It also has 3 sensors which mainly work to predict the pressure in Abdomen and urinary bladder. There is a muscle which sends signal to brain when a person needs to pee and this diaper catches that signal. Arshad had developed the design of the smart diaper in 2014 when he was pursing B.Tech in Kashmir University. This is his second innovation as during his school days he had developed a floating turbine

Initially the parents were very worried about the safety of their babies as this diaper has a chip inside it,but with little modifications the diaper is now fit to wear, says Arshad This diaper is washable and so can be done after detaching the device from the diaper. The diapers where tested on babies and patients and they were safe and flexible to wear. He further added that he was inspired by his teacher at University Mr Rouf Alam Bhat who has many patents to his name

He further said that he got an idea to make such a diaper as he met his friend’s father who was paralytic and  was unable to move .He then with the help of his friends Aijaz Ahamd Bhat and Mansoor Ahmad Sofi developed this smart diaper which will be of great help to those people who cannot speak about their need to urinate.

Arshad was funded 2.5 lakh by the Director Technical Education in the university which is also associated with Pediatric Rehabilitation Intelligent Systems Multidisciplinary (prism) lab.

He also added that he got an offer from Unicharm ,a company that manufactures  disposable hygiene products in Japan.(KNB)

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