In Kashmir’s Ganderbal, JNV Alumni remember their batch mate – slain army office and a militant

‘The tragedy is….. They could not understood which side to choose’

 Mir Iqbal

HATBARA- GANDERBAL 05 Dec (KNB): “The third militant killed with Hizbul Mujahedeen commander Burhan Wani was Parvaiz, a pass out of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Pulwama.” Students and alumni of JNV Hatbara- Ganderbal wanted to confirm from the alumni of JNV Pulwama even before entering the campus at Hatbara.

Slain lieutenant Ummer Fayaz, 23-year-old Army officer of Kulgam, who was kidnapped at a relative’s function and killed- was also an alumni of same JNV family, were the words which echoed the surroundings.

These confirmation statements from the people present there chilled the thrill of visiting alumni, many of them were visiting their old school after a decade. Last Sunday there was an all India JNV alumni meet in which thousands of pass out students participated.

Without taking sides or before commenting anything, all prayed for these two souls. (Allah in dono ko jannat may jagah naseeb karay) May Allah grant them Jannah.

“The tragedy is….. they could not understood who was right and who was wrong”. Both the sides believe that the blood will bring revolution.

Everyday someone is killed (be it a rebel, forces personal or a civilian) in Kashmir or its borders, there are apprehension that the death and destruction from both the sides could push Kashmir’s fragile social compact to more destruction.

Earlier, the J&K Police chief warned policemen from South Kashmir against visiting their homes after realizing that the social bond is eroding and forces personnel are becoming soft targets.

And this is the fact that like rebels hundreds of political workers and forces personnel including police cops in south Kashmir start visiting their families clandestinely. The fear is such that many people stopped visiting their families and other ensure to be back before dusk.

Every time when someone is killed our society embrace the corpse with tears. People wailing.  Men and women struggle hard to have a last glimpse of the face. Youth could be seen shouting slogans while women singing eulogies when the body is being taken for last rites.

This year too Kashmir’s long pending conflict consumed huge number of people including 200 rebels. And it is painful to witness bread earners to only hope their parents dyeing.

From last many decades, scores of graveyard have been filled with the corpses of young and old, Men and women, Civilians and political workers, Militants and Forces personnel consumed in this conflict.

The people at the helm of affairs must ponder whether there is a better way to end this vicious circle of death and destruction. These people need to realize the root cause of the issue and try their best to come up with some ideal solution.

As the same concerns were highlighted by an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, in a function at Mumbai. A web portal reported that Jammu and Kashmir cadre IPS officer termed the killing of Kashmiri militants the “collective failure” of India.

“In his 15-minute address, Mishra expresses regret over the killings. “Killing of militants is no reason to celebrate, it’s the result of our collective failure… What were the circumstances that led to the making of Burhan Wani?” Mishra asks, amid applause from the audience,” the portal reported.

Kashmir News Bureau (KNB), a local news gathering agency also reported that  Mishra striking a very different note than the traditional monotonous note that follows the issues confronting Kashmir conflict said: “We should never celebrate the killing of militant as it signals the defeat of system and adds to anger on ground. What he has stated is poles in contrast to the recent tweet of Cricketer Sehwag, which got heavily criticized in Kashmir. Sehwag had tweeted – ”Congratulations to **@adgpi* <>* and J&K Police for the unbeaten double century this year, eliminating 200 terrorists in 2017 alone. Jai Hind ! May there be peace* — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag)

Dr. Sailendra Mishra observed  that bravery, sacrifices  of Jammu and Kashmir police  get hardly noticed and praise is showered just on army and Paramilitary forces . He also went on to say that Prime time debates will never show true picture of Kashmir as real Kashmir is full of hospitality and love.

Similarly, many believe that the legal- judicial system always succumbed under pressure from security establishment to deal with the political prisoners in Kashmir. Many a times, a political prisoner was immediately re- arrested after court sets him free. Masarat Alam, Sarjan Barkati is the cases to study.

According to reports more than 900 Kashmiri prisoners are languishing in various jails within and outside state in which some 300 have been arrested under the Public Safety Act.

The recent brutal assault on political prisoners sent a wave of anger in Kashmir. And people termed it a crime wave inside jails.

Umar fayaz

The harassment of militant families added fuel to the fire, which at times strike back and harassed police officers families.


Appreciating Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Mishra’s thought provoking words: “We should never celebrate the killing of militant as it signals the defeat of system and adds to anger on ground.” Kashmir needs a serious solution nib the evil at its bud. Otherwise, not only Kashmir, Indian sub-continent has to pay for its price in future. (KNB)

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