Carpet Sector Alleges State indifference

Malik Sameed

Srinagar 04 dec (KNB) : Carpets represent Kashmir on global level as being brand ambassadors of its identity  .Kashmir carpet industry is of Persian origin. The trade, which has been handed down by the grand artisans of Iran,  flourished to great extent in the valley of Kashmir during the Mughal rule in Kashmir. Only after a long period of time that Kashmiri carpet acquired some sought of  an aboriginal quality.

Pertinently, in India the origin of hand-knotted carpets can be traced back more than 1800-2000 years, in Kashmir, however, its history begins with the invasion of Mughals. With the touch of local artistic magnificence the Kashmiri carpet attained a sky-scraping degree of perfection and carved out an ‘elite’ place in the global market.

However, a look at the present state of carpet industry in Kashmir makes one highly disillusioned with the role of the government. Despite having all the potential for generating huge employment and earning bulk of foreign reserves, the low allocation by the government for this sector has virtually dented the entire carpet industry prospects.

India happens to be a huge market for carpet industry. With the growing demand for the carpet in the country, the outside Kashmir carpet manufacturing units have cashed in on this lucrative opportunity by increasing their production. The state government here has failed to take a big leap to safeguard same. The results are obvious: as large percentage of  demand for carpets in India is currently being meted out by the carpet manufacturing units at Amritsar, Agra, Jaipur (Rajasthan), Eluru and Warangal (A.P). The Mirzapur-Bhadohi belt in U.P  Latif Ahmad , Handicraft Businessman, said, “Though the government is boasting day in and day out  of taking measures to encourage the growth of the handicrafts industry – But on ground the realities are not that promising.

Government failed to provide stimulus package to help handicraft industry come out of global meltdown. Carpets in bulk are now supplied  by Badhoi and we the business community of Kashmir continue to suffer”.

Carpet dealers are also calling for a pragmatic stimulus package to review the carpet industry of Kashmir.(KNB)

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