Traffic Department Fails Srinagar as Jam situation worsens

Malik Sajid

The traffic mess in summer capital of Kashmir Srinagar is getting worse by every day, with commotion, chaos on streets of Srinagar becoming order of day.

Even a few kilometer distance despite winter being considered a low rush affair in Srinagar is taking a long duration.

From downtown to uptown the jam and upheavals on roads is becoming order of the day.

Ever since new SP Tahir Saleem took charge the things are taking an ugly turn as traffic situation has become much cumbersome.

Manzoor Ahmad, a commuter stated -“The traffic in Srinagar with the start of winter has become more complicated with people held up everywhere from roads to Chowk to every main markets. The jams are quite painful in nature with no reprieve for commuters.”

Sources state that the traffic Department in Kashmir is short on human resources and relies mainly on cosmetic ,showoff measures rather than concrete measures.

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