Majid Khan Surrender: Is our humanity prisoner of good looks

Malik Sajid

Today the surrender of 20 year old Majid Khan was the big news of day and in fact among the prominent news developments from Kashmir this year.

The nine day old militant Majid Khan known for his football goalkeeping skills had stunned whole Kashmir by his decision .
What followed were dramatic pleas by his friends, netizens to him to return back from the path of militancy and above all the situation tempo was raised by emotional video released by his parents.

In his renouncing the path of militancy several questions have been raised as to why the we people did not have same appeal for other militants because they too have mother’s.

In fact everyone dying in this conflict from policemen to militant to soldier has a mother whose world gets shattered when she loses son.

Did we just made appeal because Majid Khan was good looking and had nice football skills. Do those soldiers and militants not matter for us who do not have glamour or news value. Is our humanity the prisoner of news value. These tough questions the soul of Kashmiri nation should ask when we go to sleep tonight.

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