Changing contours of Militancy

South Kashmir has emerged as hub of militancy.

Malik Sameed

In last past six months around 80 militants have been killed in south Kashmir and around 115 militants are still active in the area, officials said.

According to official record, out of 115, 16 are foreign militants and 99 are local.

However after the Majid irshad Khan Surrender, many families of militants are appealing their sons to come back home and join the main stream. In this regard the Security forces has recently set a helpline for those militants who want to come back home and offered them to join main stream.

“It looks like the militancy is turning new face, but surrendering is a good sign for peace and harmony in Kashmir valley. lets hope for the best”, said an official.

“The mother only knows the pain of his son who has joined the militancy ranks, we can only post status on Facebook or tweet on twitter, it was unfortunate that some Facebook users were abusing Majid Irshad Khan on his return back to home.” said a Facebook user.

Pertinently, A new breed of militants is rising in Kashmir – young, educated, tech-savvy. The question is only what is fueling these young men to take up arms against the state.

On the ground in Kashmir, it is definitely not happening. Hemmed in by curfews and frequent internet bans, people are searching for dignity and justice.

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