Tainted officials wont enjoy plum postings anymore

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A new policy by the J&K Government wherein deadwood and non eligible officers are being shown the door is being welcomed by the people all and sundry.

With the shunting of Shafkat Khan, who had rose to post of Srinagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner neither having the requisite eligibility nor seniority is seen as a welcome step by the voices.

The administration analysts and masses concerned with efficient administration are hoping the same fate for Director Agriculture who has usurped the post after misusing all powers and using the undue influence of different quarters.

In latest turn around of events, the Director Agriculture, Altaf Andrabi used the poor status of saffron crop shamelessly to travel to Spain for personnel comforts.

Administration Analyst’s stated –
“Altaf Andrabi rise to Director Agriculture post using all nepotic influence and did not stop there, but he on its own raised his own Pay scale illegaly and took the department to new low levels. It is hoped now he will face the music and be shown exit.”

Undoubtedly, the change in Government’s Policy for a transparent and vibrant administration have raised high hopes among masses with the ouster of Shafkat Khan.

On the other hand of the spectrum, move has also raised great hopes in terms of streamlining the state administration by eligible officers where this un-lawful arrangement is prevailing.

Communications to this news agency has conveyed that now the political dispensation has made up their mind to the public policy and good governance to the suffering subjects by eligible, competent & people friendly heads of departments. It is expected that the State government will continue to replace all non eligible heads of various departments by eligible officers & till then it is advisable to make interim arrangements by Senior KAS officers.

The most burning issue is of In-Charge Director Agriculture Kashmir, Altaf Ajaz Andrabi, who is a class VII Officer as per Service rules of SRO 179 of 1988 dated :- 2/6/1988, is illegally holding the chair, despite lot of criticism by various quarters.

The proposed arrangement can be made till the Hon’ble court’s stay order is lifted & DPC which has already been conducted, but is under court stay for issuance of minutes of DPC by the same incumbent king pin Altaf Ajaz Andribi.

This arrangement has badly affected the work culture of the department & when such an unruly person is at the top level, without concerning hundreds of his senior colleagues, how could we expect good results from the sub ordinate authorities.

The same system has resulted discomfort amongst the ranks & file of all senior officers serving under junior incumbent is making everyones head down.

It is pertinent to mention that the syndrome of sticking to the post without eligibility has again been repeated by the Vice Chancellor Khurseed Andrabi whose time was expiring by the end of this month & who happens to be the younger brother of Altaf Ajaz Andribi, ( I/C Director Agriculture Kashmir) has also adopted the footprints of his elder brother by a simple court stay order.

Meanwhile, Director Agriculture has made hostage hundreds of Senior officers of Agriculture fraternity, who are roaming from pillar to post for justice where no one is keen to listen them. Hope some sense and Justice prevails!

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