State BJP a Divided House

Malik Sajid

The health of BJP in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is not that bright as everyone in the party seems after own interests, petty benefits and indulging in leg pulling.

Even BJP PDP alliance always looks shaky due to these vested interest within these parties.

Political sources state that every leader in the party and MLA is lobbying and there are several lobbies within the party with aim just to grab the power seat .

Political editor Malik Sameed states -“Jammu and Kashmir state had hoped BJP would do somewhat better as a disciplined political force but it has shattered those hopes with every second leader wanting to be a minister or grab a power seat .BJP in Jammu and Kashmir looks more of a divided house than a compact party that could face challenges.”

Undoubtedly, the BJP has dashed​ many a hopes by it’s selfish attitude.

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