Secretariat turns into VIP Fiefdom

Malik Sajid

Civil Secretariat located at Summer Capital Srinagar is the epicentre of Administrative functioning in Kashmir, with scores of people visiting different Departments to seek solution of their problems and issues.

It was astnoshing to note today when Secretariat employee and security staff stopped Journalist vehicles at Gate and did not allow them despite having security passes.

The staff and security argued that Chief Secretary has cancelled all the passes without further clarification.

“Secretariat not allowing Journalist vehicles with valid passes shows we are slipping into total VIP Raj with no heed to rules and regulations being paid.Security on gate is simply arguing that we will not allow the vehicles weirdly stating that passes have been cancelled, stated Journalist Muzamil.

Secretariat imposing ban on entry of Journalist and other vehicles proves we are slipping into total lack of transparency.

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