Rot Rules Roost In Consumer Affairs Department

Malik Sameed/Syed Tajamul Bukhari

Burning issues are rotting the department of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs which are threatening the Department from meeting the similar fate as that of SRTC.

Unfortunately corruption, incompetence, inefficiency and nepotism are ailing the department.

Pertinently the base of all these ills in the department is the Govt Notification No: FK-13(2)NRR/Estt-II Dated:06-07-1999 through which the earlier Govt notification No  JK-118/70(E) Dated:19-02-1975 was modified by removing the Criteria of Graduation for the appointment of Tehsil Supply officers & other modifications.

Trade union leaders of the Department state

“The Consumer Affairs and Food supplies Department was thrown into rot the day educational qualification was downgraded.
The motives for this move could only have been ulterior and definitely not meant for the betterment of the department or the good of the general public. This move has acted as launching pad for the incompetent, ill qualified and corrupt officials to be promoted to higher posts.

From Inspectors to Assistant Directors the low qualified are given these top posts, the Food Supplies Department needs to take clue from Rural Development Department which made graduation mandatory qualification for coveted posts but unfortunately inefficiency still rots the Consumer Affairs and Food Supplies Department.At least DPC should be stopped and 120 odd graduates and higher qualified given due justice.”

While talking to The Kashmir Scenario, Chowdhary Zulfikar, the Consumer Affairs Minister stated -” We are revising the service rules and soon the qualified will find their position in top slot.”

Employees are hopeful the house is set in order and merit makes its way .

Current Status of the department is that 99% of Tehsil Supply Officers and Inspectors are not Graduates! The department is becoming dependent on technology more and more each day and with majority of officials not even being graduates how can they be expected to do justice with their duties. The major reason for overshooting of budget and deadlines during NFSA implementation is illiterate officials. Even today 60% of Tehsils are missing from transparency portal!

In other departments for direct recruits from SSB they are given certain % in promotions (25%mostly) but in this department this is not being done.

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