Headless Departments , Spineless Cabinet destroying Jammu and Kashmir Governance

Malik Sajid

With scores of departments virtually defunct and headless the crisis in governance of Jammu and Kashmir administration and Government are deep, with chaos being compounded by the fact that Cabinet is powerless and matters are decided by few.

According to ground reports, from IT to Tourism to Information Department to Agriculture all these Departments are filled with rot with headless or inefficient, blue eyed junior officers manning them thus making no quality work possible.

Pertinently, even a visit to Secretariat to get issues adressed is receiving no due attention.

“We the commoners of Kashmir are suffering due to incompetent bureaucracy, headless departments and a cabinet that has been restored to an inefficient body. Thus, the problems of masses get no heed,” states bilal Ahmad, a student.

In previous governments the voices on ground state that cabinet had an effective hand in setting the administration correct with effective cooperation from the local MLAs, but in current times very few mysterious powerful centers of power are running a virtual puppet show.

Experts voices opine that in wake of these functionless Departments and spineless cabinet the common man is suffering the most.

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