Visit of Shri. Rajnath Singh Hon’ble Home Minister of India to J&K and Voice of Jammu Kashmir Police.

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Is anybody listening ?????

J&K Police Personnel expected enhancement of Hardship Allowance at par with CRPF on the visit of Shri Rajnath Singh Hon’ble Home Minister of India to the state of J&K to talk with all the stake holders.

Everyday is more challenging for the personnel of J&K Police who has been rendering services for the cause of nation and sacrificing theirs own life and of family. J&K Police is not only providing security to the VIP/VVIPs of the state or of national importance but they secured and protected all the vital installations including Tunnels and National Highway connecting J&K with the rest of India. All the power projects of the state which have importance for the nation are being protected by the personnel of J&K Police. Apart from investigation which is the basic aim of Police the J&K Police has been handling law and order problem triggered by Pakistan through social media or by several other means. In the recent law and order situations in J&K which is quite different from rest of India where the “assailants may attack you to get you back to the barracks only but in J&K , JKP personnel are attacked by the assailants to kill them “. This is a difference which Govt of India and J&K Govt must understand. We have been killed by the Militants, Anti National Elements/ Anti Social Elements and we will not let them succeed in theirs nefarious design in future also but Govt of India and J&K Govt must also think about us. CRPF and Army is paid much better than J&K Police. We are not against to them. They must be paid but J&K Police should also be paid at par with them.

J&K Police has been fighting militancy since the day first and will continue it till the last ANE is alive. In the case of CRPF, Army and other SFs operating in J&K, it’s only individual which has been fighting but personnel of JKP is not fighting individually. The whole family is fighting directly or indirectly. When we proceeded to homes we have been targeted by the Militants, our own life and life of whole family is at risk. We have been killed on each day. J&K Police is not only doing investigation of normal crime cases like in other parts of India but has been fighting militancy from the forefront, handling law and order situation from the forefront. Law and order in J&K is again not only law and order problem (like rest of India) but it’s a war. A war like situation. Other SFs are also testimony of the facts mentioned above. Officers who served in J&K whether in Army /CRPF or in other Civil Services (IAS/IRS/Indian Postal Services ) know the thing very well and can explain the position of JKP and the circumstances under which JKP has been working.

It will be a grave injustice with JKP if the allowances like Hardship Allowance etc are not enhanced by Govt of India/ J&K Govt at par with CRPF and other SFs.

JKP is not asking for something extra but the same as that of CRPF and other SFs working in J&K. There must be no difference between JKP and CRPF/other SFs. We have been facing same bullet and more vulnerable than other SFs as our families have been targeted by the Militants. Isn’t it ?

Our Houses were burnt by the agitated mobs in the recent agitations.

Hon’ble Home Minister of India must come forward and do consider JKP the most vulnerable Police in the world and recognise our services and enhance our Hardship Allowance and provide other basic facilities like CSD, housing loans and many others benefits like in the case of Army/ CRPF and other SF.

The writer is police official

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