Majeed Raina Appointment VC SDA Draws Flak

The Kashmiri Scenario Exclusive

Majid Raina appointment as VC SDA has raised many eyebrows and in a way showcased all what is ailing the functioning of our administration, with corruption and nepotism becoming the trademarks of our administrative and government decisions.

According to confirmed info, the VC SDA appointment of Majid Raina has sent shock waves among the competent quarters as he was quite down the ladder in seniorty list and overall profession Paradigms .

This elevation of Junior level officers to top posts without much administrative accumen of the departments , according to known voices.

“We need to install new levels of efficiency, speed, impartiality into working of Departments as crucial as Srinagar Development Authority SDA .But this latest appointment does not augur well for our department as we needed official of experience and vision to take us forward not an inexperienced and blue eyed official,” stated an inside source.

Pertinently, sometime back SMC commissioner too appointment had brought much controversy to fore and now this latest VC SDA appointment signals same level of lack of vision.

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