Kashmir conflict at Petrol pump

Malik Sajid

Few days back I was filling petrol at Karanagar petrol station looking to move ahead with my daily chorus, suddenly window got a knock.I thought it to be usual beggar and downing the window screen an elderly lady begged with great pain and tears in her eyes. I was somewhat moved by her facial expressions and pain in her eyes was captivating.

When I gave her what was in my strength and suddenly it stroke my mind to ask the more reasons of her going for begging and being in such distress.

When I questioned her the reply was striking for me as it was epitome of how hard Kashmir conflict has hit us with all force.

Pained mother stated –

“My Son is lodged in jail for several months on the charges of stone pelting and he was the lone bread earner of our family and my young daughters have reached marriage age with no hope in sight for me and the arrest of son due to this lingering Kashmir conflict is devestating for me. The real reason behind my begging is to arrange money to pay to his lawyer as he wants money to plead the same. This conflict is killing poor families like us.”

After leaving the spot I questioned what are out Mosque committees doing, what is our lawyer community doing to uphold their conscience, Where is the profreedom leadership and why our society is dead.

I started my journey again but with pain and frustration in mind.

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