Arrest of Journalist attack on the fourth pillar of so called democracy: Zahid Khalil Bandh

Terming the arrest  journalist Kamran Yousuf from Pulwama  as the worst form of state sponsored terrorism, known Social Activist Zahid Khalil Bandh has said that such incident points out towards the fact that Jammu and Kashmir has practically been converted into a investigating agencies State.

Asserting that if the treatment with journalists by the investigating agencies is such, it could easily be understood how the common people would be going through on daily basis.
Terming the arrest of Kamran as undermining the fourth pillar of democracy, Zahid said that the freedom of speech and expression is under direct attack from the state.
He further stated that this incident shows how difficult it is for the journalists to carry out their professional duty on the ground, adding, the investigation agencies is using arm twist to pressurize the journalists so that the truth does not come out before the world.
Terming the arrest of the journalist by the police as violation of the democratic norms and human values, zahid said that it also exposes the tall claims of democracy and the freedom of speech of the rulers.

Zahid lauded the work done by journalists in highlighting the cause of Kashmir around the world despite facing such coercion and intimidation from the state apparatus.
Zahid Khalil Bandh is social activist and advocate

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