Why Kashmir Staged Bandh On Independence Day?

Malik Sameed

Kashmir, A place where  the whole valley shuts on the occasion of independence day. This year too the vehicles were seen off from the roads, the shops were seen shut. Like a Village of India Choudhipur village in Mailani area in Lakhimpur Kheri district, 70 km from here, refusing to celebrate Independence Day as they felt that no development has happened in their village even 70 years after Independence.But in Kashmir strike on this day is a norm.

But here the we have  different scenario. According to emninent surveys most of the people in Kashmir valley want independence from the India. Now the question is “Why mobile services are blocked, why Kashmir observes complete shutdown. Is this all because of the political interference or from 1947 India government has failed to gain the trust of Kashmiri’s.
In today’s speech on the independence, by Prime minister Narender Modi said that “Na goli na Galli  (Neither bullets nor brickbats) only love will solve Kashmir issue. “Did those words effect the common Kashmiri”? Will these words be implemented and what will be the result?
“From the freedom of india in 1947, the Kashmiri’s suffer from the both sides”. We want freedom, our independent country and neither India nor Pakistan”. said a Kashmiri.
On this  independence day, we saw a video was circulated on social media, a woman was shouting “Bharat mata Ki jai” in the heart of Srinagar “Lalchowk” and when i go through the facebook comments of that video, some kashmiri’s and non Kashmiri’s has started abusing each other in the name of religion. Will  these activities get peace in Kashmir Valley, answer is big “NO”. The people should understand the real meaning of religions and manners.
According to some Indian citizens, — Kashmir legally became an integral part of India when the maharaja of the state signed the instrument of accession. Alas, such legalisms become irrelevant when ground realities change. Indian kings and princes, including the Mughals, acceded to the British Raj. The documents they signed became irrelevant when Indians launched an independence movement.

Kashmir was among the poorest states during the Raj, but now has the lowest poverty rate in India.
Lets Kashmir decide whether they want independence, union with Pakistan or union with India. Almost certainly the Valley will opt for independence. Jammu will opt to stay with India, and probably Ladakh too. Let Kashmiris decide the outcome, not the politicians and armies of India and Pakistan.

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