The Kashmir and the confused kashur(Kashmiri)

Shabbir Rather

Recently when the news broke out about the killing of 158 Indian soldiers by the hands of Chinese troops like any other Kashmiri I too was very excited and over- joyed. Undoubtedly, within no time the social media was flooded with the posts of Kashmiri people expressing mammoth joy. It’s true that whenever India face defeat whether in cricket or any other occasions, the defeat of the country brings joy and smile on the disgruntled and gruesome faces of the people of Kashmir region. In other words one can say that the loss of the India is a huge panacea for Kashmiri people. Because the history of the modern Kashmir is brimmed with humiliation , oppression and suppression by the hands of Indian federal forces.As the joy about the killing of Indian forces was going on across Kashmir. It was 10 p.m when I stepped towards my room to make my bed. I was in my deep thoughts, undoubtedly there was some sort of excitement inside which again and again hitting my mind. As I rested on the bed I was trying to figure out the state prevailing inside me thus here I ended up with sailing in my imaginations and nightmares. Finally I fell asleep and had a dream.

” It was a war going on in every nook and corner of the Kashmir valley. The dead bodies were lying everywhere. The whole valley was  drenched in blood, festering and yelling brutally. The sentiments were high and there were cross words going on between Indian soldiers and the people of Kashmir. Almost every Indian soldier was killed one after the other, and the victory seemed very near. It took almost three months to end the war and vanish them all. The time to celebrate the victory came.Ahh!!! But It was never like that. As I started to shout and express my profound and prolonged emotions, the noise was too little, hands up in the joy were very few. I had thought to celebrate the Victory with my friends and folks but Alas ! There were hardly any of them. They were lifeless and lying in the pool of blood. Yes, they were dead. There were only few humans left. I was wrong while  believing that only the men of the other side were killed during the long fight rather the blood of humans belong to both sides was floating in the streets of the valley. Suddenly, I woke up, my hands were trembling and shivering with fear and anxiety when I saw my own best friend were dead. I quickly drank a glass of water though I was drenched in cold sweat.

Next morning, I was nervous and confused and my body temperature was very low. The excitement about to fight was gone. I talked with my friends and fellows about this gruesome dream and finally we summed up that the wars only bring destruction, laxity and more violence. I firmly believe that if violent means from both sides would be stopped then there will be no more killings, confrontations and there will be no loss of any human being of the either side. So, we must not fight but think about peaceful initiatives and constructive steps that will give peace a chance. I decided to accept there should not be any rebellion against any system in order to avoid more killings.  Even I started propagating the same.

Post Script : The prolonged Kashmir conflict have consumed tens and thousands of human lives, thousands were disappeared, hundreds lost their eye sight for rest of their life, thousands are behind bars and were booked under draconian Public Safety Act. In nutshell one can say that the life in Kashmir valley has been derailed, pulverized and strangulated by these inhuman jackals. To stop more bloodshed and human loss across Kashmir valley there is immediate need of sincere political dialogue between the conflicted parties of this prolonged dispute.

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