Muzzafar Beigh Speech Being Taken Out Of Context, misread : Analysts, PDP Voices

Kashmir Scenario Exclusive

The furore generated in Kashmir circles over the speech of senior PDP leader and Parliament Member Baramulla Muzafar Beigh during welcome ceremony of new Vice President V .Naidu has taken many a voices from PDP and political analysts by surprise.

Party voices while speaking to The Kashmir Scenario have maintained that speech was within a context and it was neither an attempt of court poetry nor flattery but factual utterance of pragmatic realizations.

Analysts also maintain that Beigh stating Modi came from poor family and could not have become PM without wish of god is a bold admission of reality .

PDP senior leadership while Talking with the Kashmir Scenario over this issue stated –

“The praise of Modi and nation was in right context of both respectable chair and unique land of pularaism we Iive in.It was not a license of everything is right as being portrayed by some. The use of dark clouds in the visionary speech was apt indication of all what is wrong in national policies from Kashmir handling to minorties.”

Voices maintain that a simple intellectual message of courage and peace is being altogether given negativity by selfish interests.

The PDP leadership and Analysts maintained that opposition parties, gossip minds by picking and choosing words from speech that too out of context is resorting to dirty polity.

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