May Doomsday Come

Rameez Makhdoomi

As Kashmir was about to have dinner of 13 th August, 2017 the news from pain hit South Kashmir came that youngester Owais Ahmad Dar from Kakapora Pulwama was killed by pellets fired by CRPF.

Through various hallow rehetorics and statements and after much criticism Indian Government has often claimed that Pellet gun is now no longer in use, but it is still very much blinding and killing. The very pellet gun that has turned Kashmir into valley of blind.

Just few days back a teenager from South Kashmir Tral town was killed by pellets, ironically his father had served Indian army for two decades.

Kashmir is now valley of death and blind. Almost everyday as young as 15,16 get consumed in this deadly conflict. Scores getting wounded, blinded is a new norm in Kashmir.

The bloodshed, injuries, blinding entail Indian state wants Kashmir without Kashmiris. Today we saw additionally five mothers losing there sons as three kashmiri militants and two indian army men got killed in South Kashmir Shopian encounter. After all noise and news settles down it is the tearful mothers and broken shoulders of father’s that suffer.

Today I will not go into history, present, geography of the Kashmir issue as million articles have been written. My and many wounded hearts in Kashmir pray that may doomsday come and may this world end with a gigantic earthquake so that we do not have to die every second watching our youth killed, blinded, maimed forever.

It is a sincere prayer and feeling as this amount of bloodshed has made over lives tasteless and our world has lost meaning .We are now a nation whose soul is bruised and feelings stabbed.

Leaving hope is sin but we have now begun to commit that more often as this dark tunnel of bloodshed never ends.

May those at helm get some vision otherwise realistically praying for doomsday is only hope .

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