Let us heal humanity

Rameez Makhdoomi

Humanity is what we all are and what is ought to be our purpose. Without Humanity we cannot reach anywhere as it makes us feel pain on every wrong thing happening to any human.

Mercy should be our reason of existence and without kindness we are nothing as it is part of faith and all these qualities make humanity.
Beyond I am right and he is wrong, beyond I own that he has nothing, beyond my ego cannot be compromised let us reach to humanity.

Bloodshed makes places sad and takes out soul out of places, let us all reaffirm that the lost humanity will be regained. We should look the conflicts solution via tears of mothers and broken shoulders of father’s.

We have sown as humans guns, bullets, pellets, missiles in our fields why not rice, maize while millions die of starvation everyday.

Promoting hate, violence is easy let us be courageous to promote love. I hope of a day when we all will learn to respect humanity and world settles it’s issue with humanity not bloodshed.

We are here for maximum 80 to 90 years let us pledge to heal humanity and give this world something better.

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