Kashmir Craves For Peace

Malik Sameed

Daily bloodshed is marring the solace of beautiful Kashmir. Peace is missing in Kashmir. Peace as we know commonly refers to the absence of violence and hostility. It refers to an serene environment that is characterized by healthy interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality and fairness etc.

We know without peace no constructive development is possible.In our part of the world, the people of Jammu&  Kashmir over the past few decades have continuously felt the greatest brunt on account of absence of peace.Bloodshed and brutality became order of the day and sanity took a back seat.As a result of violent situation the  people of J&K  especially Kashmir are pained much and have often felt themselves sandwiched between the tug of war of India & Pakistan.

At one point of time the regional dialogue between different regions of the J&K state had come to halt.While as the sane voices have time and again  stressed the importance of people-to-people contact as a key constituent in regional connectivity. They acknowledged the importance of having  intra-regional dialogue,  tourism and increased exchanges, particularly among the youth, civil society is must.

But currently peace is hit hard by mad violence.

One hopes that series of interactions between the people of different regions of Jammu& Kashmir would continue uninterrupted and youth of the state would take a lead in this and center also starts dialogue in this regard .Peace is very much needed in Kashmir. and world to prosper.

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