CM Mehbooba Mufti Convincingly addresses Yatri  Killing situation

Malik Sajid

Few days back kashmir witnessed a tragic episode as unknown outfit killed 7 yatris and injured scores in South Kashmir. With this the situation touched new low in Kashmir, but CM Mehbooba displayed her caliber by effectively handling the situation.

Mehbooba Mufti  lead an effective response by stating that  “massive public outrage cutting across ideological and party lines” in Kashmir against the killing of seven Amarnath pilgrims in an attack by  militants  is “a silver lining” and shows that people of the Valley collectively reject such “despicable acts”.

She apologized to yatris as a head of state and her gesture touched many hearts .Mehbboba Mufti added – “

When I reached there (Anantnag), there were heart-rending scenes. Most of the yatris killed were women, who were the head of their families. I had no words to express my grief. They had come here for religious reasons, to pay their obeisance at the cave shrine. And now, they were returning in coffins,” she said.

Mufti said she met a survivor who had come to Kashmir thrice earlier. “She told me that one of the women killed in the attack was her friend, who was wary of coming because of the situation here. She told me she convinced her to come along, assuring her that nobody would harm yatris or tourists in Kashmir. Now, she doesn’t know how to explain this to her children waiting at home,’’

The appeal of CM had right impact on the hearts and minds across state and country post this horrible  episode.

A noted analyst stated – “The stand displayed by Mehbooba Mufti as Chief Minister in Handling the current disastrous situation post killing of Amarnath yatris has been very effective, efficient and upto mark. After a long time we have seen the CM Mehbooba Mufti  in such flare and displaying her leadership skills with such ferocity.”

When credit is due it has to be given and CM Certainly deserves credit in handling the situation arising post killing of Amarnath yatris.

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