Is Government Stooping Too low?

If rumours are to be believed then there is another reshuffle on cards and is going to take place in the very near future.

According to highly placed sources, Mehbooba Mufti may induct her brother Tasaduq Mufti into the cabinet to provide her support.

Although some stalwarts in the party want him to be the candidate in the coming Parliamentary Election to save their own skin, but it is said the Chief Minister is under a tremendous pressure from not less than her own mother to induct him in the cabinet.

Sources also added that “Mufti Sajad, cousin of Mehbooba Mufti also wants some sort of adjustment and is believed to be given a seat in the Upper House for the time being.

Vice President of the party Sartaj Madani was also ambitious of being inducted into the cabinet which after being given the current responsibility seems to have changed this idea and feels to be quite comfortable now.

Sources in party said “Sartaj Madni is enjoying all liberties on the backing of the Chief Minister and he acts in a manner which is no less than a shadow Chief Minister.

In spite of winning by a much less margin from Doru assembly Segment in 2014 elections,  Syed Farooq Andrabi is already in a council of ministers and if the rumours are true then this will be full-fledged family rule.

Not only this but it is also said that there are plans to install the people who are close to the family, irrespective of their contribution and their bad public image in the public, into the positions in the government and administration.

Recently a member of the legislature has out-busted and criticised the decisions of the Chief Minister for having a particular minister into the cabinet who has never fought any election and another for having been given the post of a Vice Chairman who does not own a good reputation in the public. It is believed that most of the members of the legislature and party cadres hold the same view and have been actively or tacitly conveying to the party leadership off and on.

Some legislators have been caught saying that it is the defeated lot which rules the party this time and those on the shoulders of whom this government runs have been pushed to the wall.

Sources revealed that after the demise of  Mufti Mohmmad Sayeed many unwanted steps have been taken which are going to tell upon the health of the party.

Some party leaders say that it seems as if their party leadership holds the belief that they may not return to power any next time and that they don’t want to miss any chance to make themselves and their close ones to cherish and enjoy the plums of this power in a hurry.

Our sources also revealed that induction of some more faces as Vice Chairpersons is also on cards before the Government, particularly from South and Central Kashmir, from PDP side, under the pretext that that would help in getting more votes in the upcoming Parliament Elections. The information also suggests that there may be a money game behind this move as some among the proposed beneficiaries are the ill-famed ones who have their origin from militancy, extortion, blackmailer-ship or some other unlawful activities.

They are said having established very close proximity with some of the influential ones in the party/ high command, against a monitory deal, to achieve their goal.

The analysts believe that this will only add fuel to the already ignited flame within the party and can give rise to a big revolt against the leadership.

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