Where Is The Vision In Budget Mr Finance Minister

 Malik Sajid

Haseeb Drabu is considered among the best financial brains of Kashmir but the budget presented by him as Finance Minister which talks of radical reforms seems to be a more talk than pragmatism.

Over the years the agriculture land of Kashmir has shrunk like anything , forests have been destroyed like anything and Lakes have been converted into cesspools and the budget or any vision of the government have failed to lay an vision on this.

Even the government schools which have lagged on every front have not seen any Concern shown by the successive governments with the current Government being no exception. Analysts opine be it all important agriculture sector or education sector the talk of radical reforms is just a hallow slogan and Haseeb Drabu too as reformer and financial brain has failed in this context .

Irfan Khan, a student stated – “We talk of lofty ideas and reforms in our Budget announcements but when it comes to walking the talk on real burning issues the budget or any vision document of State Governments in JK proves this.

Haseeb Drabu presented Budget also lags on all fronts to provide needed reforms .” Undoubtedly, Haseeb Drabu Budget looks much talk and less action.

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