Is it Time For Resistance Leadership To Change Strategy?

Malik Sameed

With Kashmir shutdown about to complete four months and every sector of economy crippled on account of it, the voices demanding change in strategy are growing louder. Articles, opinions and ground pulse seems to be hinting that people and intellectuals are craving for change in strategy as long shutdown has paralyzed the economy.


In this context, renowned profreedom leader and Chairmain Umat-e-Islami  Qazi Ahmad Yasir  stated – Over the current stretching protest calenderer Qazi said that, “we will have to change the strategies.”

“We are fighting a big economy and it is not easy to stand protesting for longer period, resistance leadership need to discuss and change strategies so that we would remain steadfast in our struggle.”

Be it the voices within, public pulse the growing chorus is that the strategy of continuous shutdowns needs to be reformed .

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