Poem As Received:Dedicated To Aylan Kurdi Of Kashmir

“I am a child in my father’s lap.

I heard guns blazing and bullets piercing my dad and my little body.

I fell down of my dad’s lap and next to me was my dad’s body with shower’s of blood.

I cried in pain but my dad didn’t pay attention to my pain. Some uncle come and packed my dad .

Tell my dad I am frightened don’t play such a game .

I am shivering in pain and ask my dad to stop blood coming out of my unbaked body.

Tell these uncle that don’t pack my dad as we have to share a just purchased chocolate.

Why every body whisper my dad is dead. Tell them I can’t live without my dad. I shall fallow him to share the chocolate.

Tell my mom not to bow, She won’t get tension from me now. Tell my mom not to cry , I am an innocent born to die.

Tell my mam not to call my name I am dead and killer felt shame. Tell my sis all toys are your’s I shall never play with her tears.

Tell my mom not to pack my school bag again as I am dead and in need of rest.Tell my killer what’s his gain,I am with my dad once again.”

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