2008 KPS Batch Alleges Discrimination, Injustice

Yasmeen Manzoor

Srinagar, April 10(KNB): Over 38 Jammu and Kashmir Police Service (KPS) officers of batch 2008 alleged gross discrimination and injustice in terms of promotions.
The officers alleged that despite performing their duties in a dedicated manner from last twelve years, their career progression has been marred due to continuous discrimination in terms of promotions.

While talking to Kashmir News Bureau on phone, KPS officer of batch 2008 said “eleven years of our service are completed and 12th year of service is going on but till date we are at the same position as we were in 2008 despite being at the frontline, we couldn’t get the same treatment as our counterparts in civil services when it comes to promotion.”

Another KPS officer said “2008 KPS batch played an important role from time to time in maintaining law and order in Kashmir, besides we stand against stones and bullets we are being discriminated continuously.Under general process, we should have been promoted a couple of years ago, we have appeared before senior officers but till date not a single step has been taken for our promotions.we are appealing to governor to look in to our matter and expecting our promotions this year.”

He further said “In 2008, 2010, 2013 (at the time of Afzal Guru’s execution) and in 2016 agitation the 2008 KPS batch showed exemplary services, however, no promotions was given.”

Pertinently, KPS officers, especially of 2008 batch played a vital role during agitation in Kashmir Valley in maintaining law and order.(KNB)

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